Parts & Technology


  • We remove the transmission out of your car
  • We take it apart to inspect the damaged parts
  • This is a torque converter this part connects between the flywheel and the gears
  • This is a quick view of inside of transmission case AFTER removing all part out of the transmission

  • This is a gear that has a scuff/scratch, even smallest scuff/scratch has to be replaced if not then this will be the “weak link” of the transmission
  • This is one of the gear sometimes it gets bad, and sometimes its no longer there
  • This is a new clutch VS “burnt” clutch
  • This is your valve body in charge of shifting for your transmission by using solenoids and metal balls controlling the opening and closing the valves to ensure the correct timing and shifting of your automobile
  • After replacing all damaged parts along with new soft components (rubber ,plastic & clutches) we reinstall your transmission back to your car