3 Steps Diagnosis


Our 3 step diagnoses we will be able to determine the “health” of your transmission.

Step 1 transmission fluid check

  • Heat is the biggest problem with cars ,
  • when the car is overworked ( in high rpm ) or if you have a problem with your cooling system
  • the fluid and “soft components” ( clutches ,rubber plastic parts) in the transmission is in danger
  • with cars with a common heat problem we highly recommend a separate transmission cooler for better cooling

Step 2 scanned tool / computer diagnoses

when your car has a problem ,if the area where the problem occurred has a sensor, it will be remember/stored as a memory in the brain of the car (computer) . we run a scanner tool to see where the problems occurred so that we can pin point where the problem maybe BEFORE we open the transmission .

Step 3 drive test

  • we need to know what the problem is and where the problem is when you drive the car .
  • is it when the car is cold ?
  • are you having problem when the car is hot ?
  • when you are going uphill ?
  • is your car shifting correctly ?
  • does your RPM go up but the car isn’t going any faster?
  • We have to know so we can repair or upgrade where the problem is .

About Us

Hollywood Transmission has been around since 1981. We have been at the SAME location for over 30years working on JUST transmission. Our mission is to repair your transmission in to a PERFECT condition!!

Our certified technicians lead by our president Charlie Choi is here to help you.We consider the referral is the HIGHEST COMPLEMENTS from you !!

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